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Thecus Nas



Thecus TopTower N10850 10-Bay Professional NAS with Xeon E3-1225 3.1Ghz 4GB RAM


Thecus N2350 2 Bay Nas Marvell Armada385


Thecus N8800 8-Bay 3.5" SATA HDD 2U NAS RAID - Missing Caddies


Thecus N8800 8x 3.5" SATA HDD Bay 2x PSU 2U NAS No HDD + OS Drive


Thecus N4350 SAN/NAS Storage System


Thecus N5550 Linux Based 5 Bay NAS w/ 4x 4TB Western Digital Reds - TESTED


Thecus N2350 SAN/NAS Storage System


Thecus TopTower N6850 6 Bay 4 GB RAM 2.6 GHz Enterprise NAS Server


Thecus N5810PRO 8tb NAS Server 4x2000gb WD Ultrastar DC HA210 Drives


Thecus N1200PRO NAS Storage Server Xeon E3-1275 3.40GHz 8GB RAM 12x 4TB HDD


Thecus N4810 SAN/NAS Server


Thecus N3200 NAS Network Server with 3 x 1TB DRIVES


Thecus N8800 Rackmount 2U NAS Server 8-Bay 3.5" NO HDDs 


Thecus W5810 5-Bay NAS Enclosure w/ 2GHz Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core CPU


Thecus N4810 6tb NAS Server 2x3000gb Toshiba Desktop Series Drives


Thecus N2310 2bay NAS 800Mhz 512MB RAM Gigabit-LAN Network Storage DHL/EMS


Thecus N5810pro Nas Server - Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-core [4 Core] 2 Ghz - 5 X


Thecus N4810 9tb NAS Server 3x3000gb Toshiba Desktop Series Drives


Thecus N10850 - NAS-Server


Thecus N4820U-R 3tb SSD NAS Server 3x1000gb Crucial MX500 Drives


Thecus N4350 16tb NAS Server 4x4000gb Western Digital Blue Drives


Thecus N4810 4tb NAS Server 2x2000gb Western Digital Blue Drives


Thecus N4910U-S NAS


Thecus N4810 18tb NAS Server 3x6000gb Seagate IronWolf Pro Drives


Thecus N4810 4-Bay NAS Intel Celeron N3160 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 4x USB 3.0


Thecus N4810 30tb NAS Server 3x10000gb Western Digital Red NAS Drives


Thecus N4820U-R 20tb NAS Server 2x10000gb Toshiba N300 NAS Drives


Thecus N4820U-R 6tb SSD NAS Server 3x2000gb Samsung 860 EVO Drives


Thecus N2350 24tb NAS Server 2x12000gb Toshiba Extreme X300 Drives